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Renal stone. What is it?

Renal stone is the pathology that encompasses all of the types of kidney stones and calculi formed from the chemical substances and mineral salts present in urine. These stones usually form in the renal cavities, but they can also form in the other urinary tracts (ureter and bladder) through which the urine flows until it is passed.
When the size of the kidney stones is bigger than the urinary tracts through which they travel, they are held back and obstruct the passage of the urine. Consequently, a very intense pain is generated in the affected area, called renal colic.

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The Urine Ph

The urine pH is a measurement of its acidity and reflects the metabolic activity of the body, with both the control and correction thereof being important.
A high pH or a pH that is too low is often related to a higher risk of suffering from certain diseases, such as, for example Renal lithiasis or kidney stones, Urine infections, Painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis, Overactive bladder, Calcification of urinary stents.

In patients with a previous disorder, variations in urine pH may cause severe complications to arise. The symptoms of these illnesses may vary from pain in the kidney area to changes in the colour of the urine or in the urgency to urinate. These symptoms directly affect the quality of life of those who suffer from them.

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